The Site Of Jürgen Moßgraber

All software that is available from this page is written by me and is Freeware. You are allowed to use it for free. The ZIP files can be put on any WWW Page or FTP Site as long as the ZIP Files are not changed. If you want to use them on a shareware/freeware CD or any other form that you are paid for, you have to ask me for permission.

What you can get here
Bitwig Studio Controller Scripts Screenshot of Transformator tool Bitwig Studio Scripts for several controller devices and protocols.
Controller Scripts Screenshot of Transformator tool Ableton Push Support for Cockos Reaper.
Max For Live Plugins Screenshot of Track Controller Plugin Several Ableton Live Plugins written in Max For Live.
SetlistManager! Screenshot of SetlistManager! Allows to create any number of setlists for Native Instruments KORE 2.
ChangeIt! Screenshot of ChangeIt! An editor and librarian for the Roland JV/XP, XV and Korg 01/W-family and also a generic SysEx-dump.