The Site Of Jürgen Moßgraber

This is my private Homepage. Everything on these pages is somehow related to music. Check out my current and past bands, see my recording studio and download some free music software I wrote.
19.04.2014 I wrote a little tool to allow the usage of the Ableton Push controller with Cockos Reaper. See Ableton Push Support for Cockos Reaper.
01.11.2013 Fixed DrumSeq to work with Live 9.0.5 and Max 6.1.4. See the Max For Live Plugins section.
19.06.2013 Released a new Max For Live Plugin called Winder. It allows you to move the play position of all clips of a scene with a slider. See the Max For Live Plugins section for the download.
03.06.2013 Officially released version 2 of DrumSeq. It displays now the play position of the clip. See the Max For Live Plugins section.
05.05.2013 Updated Studio and live gear sections.